The first Folk Art Santa was carved by Frank Navone in 1987 as a special holiday gift for his wife, Sandy.

The following year Frank and Sandy worked together to produce Santas as holiday gifts for their family and friends, and it was not long before these unique creations became a favorite family tradition.

Artists Frank and Sandra Navone now work year-round in their quaint New England workshop meticulously designing, carving, and painting new additions to their Folk Art Santa collection.

Each hand-carved Santa has an exact mold made and is then carefully hand-filled with pecan shell resin. Each Santa is then hand painted, distressed, antiqued, signed and dated.

No longer the “best kept secret in Newtown” the Navone Studios Folk Art Santas are collected by people from all over the world. These Santas are available for purchase during the holiday season (November and December) at their Newtown, Connecticut workshop or online year-round at www.folkartsantas.com.

 Our Santas are American made.